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We've developed a suite of SaaS based products that drive acquisition, engage your customers, and provide a platform for cross-sell and up-sell. Use our award winning products out of the box, or extend them with your own IP, we'll support both.


28% Churn Reduction*

Trust is a white labelled, SaaS based digital engagement platform that leverages existing smart meter data to provide customers with personalised messaging that helps them to understand their energy usage and spend.

Backed by a billing grade costing engine, Trust gives customers the right message at the right time, increasing engagement and creating a sales platform for distributed energy resources.

* Melbourne University, Centre for Market Design



Reduced Consumption & Great Experience

Respond leverages and builds on the utility customer relationship developed through the Trust platform adding a white label demand response capability.

With real-time data capability at any interval, and the ability to run deep segmentation across a variety of parameters, Respond helps customers to reduce their load during demand response events. Crucially, with flexibility of messaging and rewards management, it does this in a way that makes behavioural demand response valuable as a commercial proposition.


CRM & Dynamic Campaign Management

Developed on an enterprise-ready CRM, Attract can be integrated with your billing engine, digital or data analytics tools to holistically manage Leads, Opportunities and Accounts, transforming your customer acquisition and support.

The CRM platform can be delivered along with fully integrated campaign management, or integrated with your existing tools to drive automated, dynamic, multi-step campaigns.



Transform Your Business with Big Data

Analyse provides the next generation analytics architecture that will allow utilities to provide a more personalised service for their customers as consumer participation in energy markets continues to accelerate.

In an industry that can appear archaic in its use of big data, our Data Lake platform will allow you to stand out by genuinely leveraging the data that is available to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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