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Billcap is a technology innovation lab that is designing, building and operating a new generation of services in energy and utilities.

Bringing your customers delightful energy


Improve acquisition with an energy focused CRM, coupled with multi-channel campaign management.


Reduce churn and innovate with our SaaS based, multi-channel insight and engagement product.


Engage your customers and reduce load through peak events with simple, intuitive demand response tools.


Manage your data and BI requirements with a flexible data lake that's built for machine learning and AI.

Advisory & Consulting Services



Data Silos Management

Legacy Infrastructure Integration

Data Transformation
Billing Integration


Personalisation and Segmentation

CX Design

Acquisition Strategies

Solar and Storage sales Modules


Mobile and App Building

Microservices Architecture

IoT Integration

Cloud-based Migrations

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“Providing regular insights on higher usage, linking them to hot weather periods and providing a communication strategy via a personalised service enabled better management of customer expectation and reducing churn at the end of this high-risk billing period by 28%.”

Billcap's Trust product delivered a "28% reduction in churn"
According to a randomised control trial conducted by Byrne, Martin & Lanauze, University of Melbourne

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