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Respond leverages our expertise in customer insight and engagement for the purpose of reducing load during peak demand events. We make the demand response process fun, engaging and simple to understand, delivering tangible results for retailers, distributors or aggregators.

  • Real-time event portal and in event notifications
  • Provide personalised tips and assistance
  • Use the most granular data available per site
  • Flexible rewards management and fulfilment
  • Choose from a range of segmentation options
  • Flexible surveys integration at any stage
  • Immediate results

Key Benefits

  • Significant reduction in load during peak demand events
  • Drive exceptional NPS¬†scores by making the customer journey straightforward and engaging
  • Segment your customers across multiple parameters and run targeted events with flexible rewards
  • Multi-channel communications leverage email and SMS journeys that are personalised to a customer
  • Experiment with a range of baseline and target setting methodologies
  • Scalable solution can ingest, process and cost usage data at any interval
  • Flexible surveys can be easily added to the process
  • Full reporting and behavioural segmentation allows better messaging and the up-sell of solar, storage and load automation solutions
  • Positions utilities with the data infrastructure to enable IoT and automation as adoption increases
  • Flexible messaging, segmentation and data aggregation enables community and neighbourhood level campaigns

The Energy Innovation Platform


Improve acquisition with an energy focused CRM, coupled with multi-channel campaign management.


Reduce churn and provide a platform for innovation with our SaaS based, multi-channel insight and engagement product.


Manage yout data and BI requirements with a flexible data lake that's built for machine learning and AI.

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