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We're proud to work with some of world's leading utility businesses to make life a little bit better for customers. We can't talk about everything that we're doing, but here are a few of the things we've been working on recently.

A new retail brand, built from the ground up to support innovation

On by Energy Australia is a new energy retailer, built specifically to make customers lives easier by bringing them the latest products and services from the energy industry and beyond.

Billcap was a key part of the SleevesUp led project team that delivered the entire technology and operations support serivce, to power the new brand, in 3 months. We brought our expertise in design, customer engagement, CRM, platform integration and big data analytics to the group, with a number of our services now underpinning the growing retail brand.

This is just the start of an exciting journey for On by Energy Australia, SleevesUp and Billcap.

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Real time behavioural demand response

With our proven, SaaS based behavioural demand response platform, Respond, your business can have a BDR campaign up and running in just a couple of weeks.

We've been doing BDR for 3 years, delivering great customer experience (as demonstrated by NPS scores in the 60s), and significant load reduction during peak events.

Our work on BDR began with Jemena's PowerChangers Programme. Billcap designed the customer experience, the data integration and the multi-channel comms strategy, delivering a best of breed programme to customers in Victoria.

The programme won the Digital Utility Awards 2019: Best Customer Innovation, where it was recognised as delivering "The best digital innovation focused on improving customer outcomes".More

Discover the products we used to make this happen:

Innovation around the billing engine

We've partnered with a new retailer to deliver a different model and message to the Australian energy market; one that focuses on addressing the specific needs of solar customers.

Building the platform as DC Power Co grew, we initially deployed our Utilities CRM, fully integrated with a best of breed marketing automation and campaign management platform to support acquisition.

As the business grew, we added a flexible version of our Trust plaform, with custom messaging enabled, to deliver our most impressive churn reduction data ever. We then developed the platform further, with the addition of a complex data lake.

Discover the products we used to make this happen:

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