The Energy Innovation Platform

We've brought together a team with experience and expertise across utilities, technology, customer experience, big data and strategy. Together, we're using these skills to change the way energy services are delivered, deployed and managed.

Rapid Innovation

From start up to enterprise, we work collaboratively with our customers to deliver results quickly through a rapid sprint based development process. Rather than just selling an off the rack solution, we'll explore and understand your goals, technology and the associated human factors to ensure that what we're doing makes sense for your business.

Billcap & SleevesUp - Greater than the sum of the parts

As part of the SleevesUp Group, Billcap has access to scale and technology expertise that allows us to deliver major programmes of work. Bringing together Management Consultancy, CX Design, Technical Delivery and Operations Support, we can bring our expertise to bear in setting strategy, as well as delivering the very best results.

Our Commitment to Utilities

  • Customer retention
  • Lower cost to serve
  • Increased revenue
  • Agile innovation
  • Reliable implementation partner
  • Leverage experience to provide bespoke consultancy services
  • Deep utilities and data architecture experience

Our Commitment to consumers

  • Personalised end user experience
  • Simple easy to use designs
  • Email, app or SMS enabled
  • Build trust with utility partner
  • Encourage market participation

Our Clients

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