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Trust is a SaaS based, white labelled digital engagement platform that leverages smart meter data to provide value for retailers in both competitive and non competitive markets.

  • Personalised messaging
  • 28% churn reduction*
  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Backed by a billing grade costing engine
  • Out-of-the-box rapid deployment
  • Multi-channel communications

* Melbourne University, Centre for Market Design

Key Benefits

  • Deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time
  • Multi-channel support (including email, sms, landing pages and apps)
  • Low friction integration with existing technologies - simple API layer, or transformation capability for legacy platforms
  • Billing grade costing engine with ongoing QA and bill reconciliation functionality
  • Personalised, costed weekly engagement experience based on end user preferences or multiple layers of segmentation
  • Click through to real-time portal for more detailed insight
  • All activities (send, opens, click throughs) captured as data lake event for further analytics, segmentation and action

value adding Services

  • Drive innovation in product and payment options (such as micropayments, pre-pay and telco-style energy plans)
  • Use segmentation, behavioural analysis and analytics to drive cross sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Solar and battery alerting, optimisation and calculators
  • Budget setting and alerting (multi-channel)
  • Tariff optimisation across both retail and network components
  • Full support of customer IP - integrate the platform with your own components, or let us turn your ideas into reality. Your IP remains your own.

Data Lake integration (big data, analytics and machine learning)

Use data such as Trust interactions, energy usage patterns, survey responses, weather and solar data and publicly available datasets to create deep customer segmentation that underpins the Trust service, providing a platform for innovation.

The Energy Innovation Platform


Improve acquisition with an energy focused CRM, coupled with multi-channel campaign management.


Reduce load on the grid and protect yourself from peak events with simply, intuitive demand reponse management.


Manage your data and BI requirements with a flexible data lake that's built for machine learning and AI.

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