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Analyse is our data lake tool providing the next generation analytics architecture allowing utilities to provide a more personalised service for their end users as consumer participation in energy markets continues to accelerate.

  • Removes Data Silos
  • Best of breed reporting tools/bring your own*
  • AI and machine learning enabled
  • Faster data ingestion
  • Unified data management
  • Easy integration
  • Limited data transformation required

Key Benefits

  • Carry out complex modelling such as price forecasting/churn analysis
  • Builds agile tools for commercial analysts allowing real time access to unprocessed data
  • Faster business processes and business model optimisation
  • Scalable operationalisation of programs by making sure the data insights are delivered across the organisation in a visual easy to understand manner
  • *Support OBDC and other supported connections
  • Fully managed self-service data analytics with support to help extract the data you need
  • Integrate with internal and external data sources (Demographics, weather, solar)

Our Energy Innovation Platform


Improve acquisition with an energy focused CRM, coupled with multi-channel campaign management.


Reduce churn and provide a platform for innovation with our SaaS based, multi-channel insight and engagement product.


Reduce load on the grid and protect yourself from peak events with simply, intuitive demand reponse management.

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