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As experts in the delivery of modern technology solutions to the utilities market, Billcap can provide a range of consultancy and bespoke product development services.

Our philosophy and capability

Billcap recognises that organisations should be looking at how easy it is to replace, as well as how easy it is to implement, third party technology solutions. With the ever increasing pace of technology development, decentralisation and digisation, the concept of a big, one-off transformation no longer exists. The companies that succeed will be those able to embed a culture of iteration, improvement and change, whilst maintining excellence in customer experience.

OPerations support while you scale

By leveraging our operations team at low to moderate volumes, we can manage your compliance risk while tailoring technologies that works for your business.

Suitable for start ups, or established retailers who want to innovate, we can pair best of breed technology with the operations support to establish trials within weeks.

move your focus beyond the billing engine

Enable low cost innovation and settlement trials in blockchain, P2P and bespoke tariff structures by leveraging our billing grade costing engine.

Abstract billing features allows you to test new products and services without prohibitive investment in obsolete technology.

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