Navigating Victoria's Energy Future

Hear Billcap CEO Yann Burden speaking at the Melbourne Energy Institute, about smart meters, customer engagement and renewables.

In November 2015, The Melbourne Energy Institute brought together government, academia, industry and the broader community to explore the opportunities and challenges in navigating a cleaner energy future for Victoria. Hear from Billcap CEO Yann Burden, Victorian Energy Minister Hon Lily D'Ambrosio, Prof Mike Sandiford, Dr Sara Bice and Miles George (Infigen)  hosted by Tom Arup, for a discussion on the role government can play in supporting clean energy development and setting renewable energy targets. 

Billcap featured in New Energy Whitepaper

Billcap is featured in the Victorian Government's, Victoria's Future Industries, New Energy Technologies Discussion Paper released last week.

Case Study: Billcap
Billcap is one of the innovative Victorian companies that has developed products to assist electricity retail businesses engage with their consumers. Using smart meter data, Billcap delivers tailored energy insights to customers to eliminate bill-shock and enable customers to explore and understand their energy use. This targeted approach has been found to engage 50 per cent more customers than web only-based approaches. Billcap’s customer-centric design builds customer trust in their electricity retailer by educating customers on how their consumption behaviour impacts their energy spend. Billcap has also established a four year Australian Research Council research partnership with the University of Melbourne to provide an ongoing independent evidence base on the effectiveness of Billcap’s approach.

The Discussion Paper asks important questions about how Victoria can leverage its smart meter investment:

What barriers face Victorian business in providing smart meter-enabled products, services and solutions?

Billcap accredited by Emissions Reduction Fund

In an Australian first, Billcap has received approval to run emissions reduction projects under the aggregated small energy users method.

In an industry-first partnership, the Sustainable Melbourne Fund & Simply Energy will work with Billcap, to deliver consumer engagement services promoting energy efficiency. Billcap's customer engagement platform provides Simply Energy customers with tailored insights on energy consumption - via email, texts or an App to improve customer trust and retention.

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